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10 WELCOME Card Pack - 10 Welcome Cards - Item # RP-Welcome


WELCOME Card Retailer Pack -  10 Cards! 

Item# RP-Welcome

Here is a 10-pack of 3 cards. 

1) Welcome to my practice (for veterinarians, massage therapists, chiropractors) 2 cards

2) Welcome to our lesson program (for schooling barns to welcome new students) 4 cards

3) Welcome to our boarding barn (for boarding facilities to welcome new boarders) 4 cards. Outside reads: "Hang up your shoes and make yourself at home". Inside: "Welcome to our boarding barn." 

Comes with Weclome card identifiers for your card rack. 

Sleeved in plastic to prevent wear. 

See what retailers say about our cards:

"Had a customer come in. She usually stops once every other month just to buy greeting cards. Today she bought 10 'You have the all time best cards I have ever seen!' she said.” Daniel of Mad Tack, VA. 

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HHP Greeting Cards "do better than any other card brand in my store! You do a beautiful job! Both my customers and I love the designs. I love the plastic sleeves they come in, it keeps them looking new and clean. Keep up the good work!” Retailer survey comments.

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