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  • SMALL DISPLAY - Laptop, Cell Phone & Helmet Sticker Item # HS Small



    Small Display for your Laptop, Cell Phone & Helmet Stickers

    2 1/2" x 1" crack and peel to reveal an oval sticker. High quality vinyl sticker with fabulous artwork, created by June Evers. Show your love of horses everywhere you go with this terrific sticker. 12 designs! Click here to see all the designs. 

    You receive 400 stickers. There are 4 rods on this display. We mix the 22 designs on each rod so a new design comes up if one design is removed. Display comes fully loaded, no fussing with setting it up. Take it out of the plastic and you're set to go.  

    Display is 12" tall and takes up 5" x 5" counter space. Comes with header card and the display is FREE. 

    Want a larger display? CLICK HERE!

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