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  • Mini Horse Stickers Display - Item #: PHS Display


    Pretty Horse Mini Horse Stickers Display. Receive an assortment of 48 stickers and a free display.  
    Retailers, please note the price is retail. You will use your coupon code to get the retailer discount.

    GREAT for cell phones, lap tops, notebooks, gift wrap or party favors - whatever!

    RETAILERS get 5 FREE packs of stickers, retail value of $24.95!

    2" x 2" crack and peel square stickers. Fun and fabulous for note books, party favors, gift wrap, water bottles, laptops! They go anywhere! Packaged together in cellophane with a hole for hanging. 

    Display is 10" tall, 6" wide and 4" deep.

    Listen to what retailers say:

    "Love, love, love your products, they are amazing!" Kristen, Horse Lovers Outlet, MO

    "You're the best at customer service!" Helen and Glyn, The Tack Shop, SC. 

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