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  • Laptop, Cell Phone & Helmet Sticker: Equestrian - Item # HS Equestrian


    Laptop, Cell Phone & Helmet Sticker: Equestrian

    Don't you love this art. I do! I created this by hand on a sketchpad, then scanned it into Photoshop where I had to manipulate paths and stuff to create the white of the reins. 

    Yes on your helmet! Think race car driver!

    2 1/2" x 1" crack and peel to reveal an oval sticker. High quality vinyl sticker with fabulous artwork, created by June Evers.  Listen to what retailers say:

    "Love, love, love your products, they are amazing!" Kristen, Horse Lovers Outlet, MO

    "You're the best at customer service!" Helen and Glyn, The Tack Shop, SC. 

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