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31 Christmas Card Retailer Pack - One of each style of 31 Christmas Cards - Item # RP-X All Pack


Christmas Card Retailer Pack -  31 Christmas Cards

Item #: RP-X ALL Pack

31 DIFFERENT DESIGNS in this assorted retailer pack!!! EACH DESIGN IS DIFFERENT! Want more of each? Order 2 packs!

You get one of each design we offer! Here is a pack of 31 bestselling Horse Hollow Press greeting cards. (Some of the cards retail for $2.99 and some for $2.49. You'll receive 17 New Cards @ $2.99 and 14 different designs @ $2.49.) 

Sleeved in plastic to prevent wear. Also available in boxes, click here

Order month after month, we'll check your previous orders, sending others you've not tried to keep your cards constantly changing. 

See what one retailer says about our cards:

HHP Greeting Cards "do better than any other card brand in my store! You do a beautiful job! Both my customers and I love the designs. I love the plastic sleeves they come in, it keeps them looking new and clean. Keep up the good work!"*

Retailer survey comments, February 2016

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