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  • 50 New Product Pack - Mix of cards and stickers - Item # RP-50 NEW Mix New 2019


    Mix of all new Products! 50 total units - Mix of cards and stickers 

    RP-50 NEW Mix New 2019

    Here is a pack of 50 brand new Horse Hollow Press products. 

    You get 16 total Euro stickers at 2.95 each (4 of each design) and a total of 34 cards (about 3-4 cards each) at $2.99 each. Want more? Order two packs. 

    Listen to what retailers say:

    "Love, love, love your products, they are amazing!" Kristen, Horse Lovers Outlet, MO

    "You're the best at customer service!" Helen and Glyn, The Tack Shop, SC. 

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