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100 BIRTHDAY Card Retailer Pack - 100 Birthday Cards - Item # RP- 100 Bday Pack


Birthday Card Retailer Pack -  100 Birthday Cards

Item #: RP-100 Bday Pack

100 Birthday DESIGNS in this assorted retailer pack!!! We have a total of 46 designs, we mix and match 100 bestsellers for you! Want more of each? Order 2 packs!

You get one of each design we offer in birthday cards! Here is a pack of 100 bestselling Horse Hollow Press greeting cards. (Some of the cards retail for $2.95, $2.99 and some for $2.49. You'll receive 6 each of 1 card @ $2.95, 6 each of the 5 New Cards = 30 @ $2.99 and 64 more designs @ 2 - 3 each @ $2.49.) 

Sleeved in plastic to prevent wear. Also available in boxes, click here

See what one retailer says about our cards:

HHP Greeting Cards "do better than any other card brand in my store! You do a beautiful job! Both my customers and I love the designs. I love the plastic sleeves they come in, it keeps them looking new and clean. Keep up the good work!"*

Retailer survey comments, February 2016

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