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Welcome Retailers:

Thank you for contacting us!

Please CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to get qualified and receive your retailer code!

We will qualify you as a retailer and give you a retailer code to use on this site. (PLEASE NOTE: Your order must total $125 PRIOR to using the retailer code.) 
Or we'd love to hear from you! We love phone calls: 845-294-0656

If you already have your retailer code, please go ahead and order. 
Here are the steps to order with the retailer code.

1. You place an order like you would on a regular consumer website, clicking quantities you'd like of each item. Spend $125 or more.
2. At the check out stage, you insert a retailer code (coupon code). 
3. Continue through with your order and pay. Even though the site is paypal, you CAN pay with a credit card.
4. You receive a receipt via email showing your order 
5. And then you will receive another receipt via email from me and another paper receipt is attached to the box. This will confirm your pricing.
6. Then we ship your order free freight. 

***Retailers receive GUARANTEED SALE on all products except books.***
Please email with questions about this program: 

Thank you! 


We have displays on several items. They are shipped automatically when you order a certain amount.

1. Bumper Stickers: Order over 160 and you receive a FREE display box.

2. Gift Cards with Envelopes. Order 100 and you receive a FREE display.

3. Greeting Cards: We're working on it. Any advice on an inexpensive display that holds the cards in place, we'd love to hear!!

Phone: 845-294-0656

Email me at

Thank you very much!!!!!!! :-)